Catalogue for Monash university museum.
This catalogue was made to show the upcoming exhibitions at the museum.

Kallam Typographic Poster.

4:33, Poster. An abstract experimentation of an audio dialogue in a typographic style
Hot Yoga Studio, Poster We created a poster for Hot Yoga studio in Melbourne, reflecting the meditative & warm atmosphere of the space.

Monash University, Booklet, A booklet demonstrating type and space within Monash university architecture.
Art Direction, Photography, Typography.

Seed of life, Publication. We created a thought provoking booklet, in which we have explored the  golden ratio, beauty, harmony, geometrical patterns in our world.
Art direction, Type setting.


Monix Design studio promotion poster.

Human Society, Annual Report. A comprehensive annual report providing information about a decade of war in middle east.

BOiKU Promotional Poster.
Typography, Art Direction.

Typographic Elements, Booklet. A booklet demonstrating Persian alphabetic forms in an illustrative way.