Website & Brand Development,
Retail, Carpet Store and Tours
e-commerce / online store



Brand Development,
ConnectWorks  provides tools for building stronger communities around social events. They use technology and data to increase interaction between attendees; giving them more opportunities to help, bond, and grow with each other.
In the logo we designed, the outer dots represent the people / communities and the inner dots represent the colour changing to yellow after the connection has been made between the two parites.



Website Development,
Our client approached us to develop a new website with E-commerce section.
The outcome is a responsive site with shopping cart, beautiful imagery and promotional videos.

NAZ hotel, Branding. A new established hotel in Turkey asked us to help them with branding and stationary design.
Website & Brand Development, One of our clients asked us to come up with a unique way to create a brand identity for her. We have developed a unique logo, and a responsive website to match our client’s needs.