Seed of life, Publication. We created a thought provoking booklet, in which we have explored the  golden ratio, beauty, harmony, geometrical patterns in our world.
Art direction, Type setting.

Monash University Museum of Art Catalogue, MUMA. A catalogue designed for Monash museum for upcoming events.
Type setting, Digital photography, Photo editing.

Monix Design studio promotion poster.

Monash University, Booklet, A booklet demonstrating type and space within Monash university architecture.
Art Direction, Photography, Typography.

BOKIU Promotional Poster.  We designed a poster fot BOKIU Type design festival in Japan.
Typography, Art Direction.

Typographic Elements, Booklet. A booklet demonstrating Persian alphabetic forms in an illustrative way.

NAZ hotel, Branding. A new established hotel in Turkey asked us to help them with branding and stationary design.
Hot Yoga Studio, Poster We created a poster for Hot Yoga studio in Melbourne, reflecting the meditative & warm atmosphere of the space.
4:33, Poster. An abstract experimentation of an audio dialogue in a typographic style
Human Society, Annual Report. A comprehensive annual report providing information about a decade of war in middle east.

Eye Research Australia Poster

Website & Brand Development, One of our clients asked us to come up with a unique way to create a brand identity for her. We have developed a unique logo, and a responsive website to match our client’s needs.

Website Development,
Our client approached us to develop a new website with E-commerce section.
The outcome is a responsive site with shopping cart, beautiful imagery and promotional videos.